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Susan McKenna List is an award-winning professional fine artist who works outdoors and in her studios in Florida, Manhattan and Stockholm, NJ. An accomplished plein air (on location, outdoor) painter, List has enjoyed participating in prestigious national juried shows including the Carmel Art Festival, Sonoma Plein Air, Plein Fun Fest in Delray and Scene on the Strait for twelve years. She has shown in galleries and museums in California, Arizona, Florida, New York and New Jersey. A solo show in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen last year has List preparing for a repeat performance of ‘PaintUs InterruptUs’ in October 2019.

Originally from the New York area, List earned a degree in English, magna cum laude, taught English in Rome, Italy, and, after graduate work in Information Science, became a Washington, DC management consultant. It was all serendipity when, upon teaching her children to draw, she decided to learn to paint. Serendipity again led to a wonderful group of plein air painters after a move to the San Francisco East Bay in the late ‘80s. Now happily returned to her East Coast roots List paints sea, lake and city environments.

Primarily a landscape painter who works in a colorful, alla prima way, List wants her paintings to be strong, bright and free and to express the feeling of being ‘in’ the scene she paints. She enjoys a rich paint quality and an impressionistic, somewhat fauvist approach. A versatile painter who works in acrylic and pastel as well, List is also known for her commission work and strives to make paintings that are 'strong, bright and free.'