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Lenore Diamond Robins Bio

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The art world can often seem puzzling and intimidating. Lenore Diamond Robins’ art world is often a puzzle, quite literally. Through her art, she attempts to “solve” the puzzle by creating art which is vibrant, exciting and readily accessible. Her art has been described as “Pop Art which really pops!”

Lenore began creating art for her own home in 1988. Her art is now represented by galleries across the country – Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, NY and Pennsylvania - and has been purchased by collectors from around the world - Austria, Colombia, England, France, Spain, Switzerland and The Czech Republic, as well as from the US and Canada.

Each of Lenore’s unique works of art are made on wood. The wood is cut and fully sealed, then painted with multiple coats of acrylic paints to obtain the depth of color Lenore requires for her bold, three dimensional wall art. She final coats with a high gloss resin, a technically challenging, very beautiful, hand-mixed and hand-poured finish, requiring years of experience to properly master. Variation in the final finish is natural.

Lenore works in six design styles: Geometrics, Puzzles, Fish, Flowers, Just Having Fun and Black & White color studies. All of her styles evolved from the use of basic geometric shapes, some of which are placed at varying heights or angles to create dimensionality and a sense of motion. Her art is distinctive and immediately identifiable. The art must be seen in the original to be fully appreciated.

Lenore’s art is designed to be hung without additional framing, or if she feels a frame is needed to complete the design, she incorporates the frame into the artwork. Her collectors invest in original art, not in commercial framing.