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Kris Smith BIO

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Kris Smith began her professional artistic career in the Washington  D.C. area, eventually creating over 3,000 painted and sculpted portraits of sports figures, politicians, and the famous, as well as not so famous of it’s private citizens. Two of her commissioned portraits hung in The White House during the Ford and Carter administrations. 

Her sculpted portrait marionettes were chosen to be one of Neiman Marcus’s “10 Most Unusual Gifts in the World” in their Christmas Catalog resulting in guest appearances on “OPRAH”, “M.S.N.B.C.”, and “Good Morning America”….and a 3 page article in “PEOPLE” magazine. 

More recent clients include Suze Orman and Dr. Phil McGraw. Working in a variety of media, her whimsical side emerges in a series of collectable wood and clay sculptures dubbed the “Little Guys”. They are built of wood with puppet-like features and invite a smile! She has completed unusual 3 dimensional murals for both adult areas and childrens’ rooms, some including lifesize sculpted animals. 

She designed and created a 12’ tall contemporary painted wood sculpture for the Women in Distress Center in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Since 2012 she has been traveling around the world teaching and selling art as an Artist in Residence on Oceania Cruise Lines.   

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