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Beata Galacz, Glass Artists

Additional Information

At the age of 18 Beata started her professional studies in a technical college for fashion design in Budapest, Hungary. While attending school in 1999 she is given the opportunity to help famous Holocaust survivor, Dr. Erzsebet Hollo to illustrate the cover of a book about to be published. Dr. Hollo is so pleased with the progress that she asks Beata to illustrate several more pages of the book.

In 2003 Beata begins working at a stained glass studio in Budapest. Here she learns about various design skills which help her broaden her artistic knowledge of colors, media and space. Her days are spent making tiffany lamps, stained glass windows, doors and other painted glass products destined for Hungarian art enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Falling in love with this job, ideas about opening her own art shop start to fill her mind.

In 2006 Beata opens her first shop in Budapest. Shortly after, in May 2007 launches her first professional art exhibition sponsored by Volksbank. Immediately after that Beata is invited to set up permanent exhibits at world famous Central Cafe in the heart of Budapest historic district. In March of 2008 Beata is invited to Tündérrózsa Gallery, Hévíz. Here the leading Hungarian Art magazine describes Beata’s work as “exquisite refection of authentic style and elegance...” 

By the end of 2008 Beata moves to the United States. Here she continues to create her unique style of paint on glass indulging in her passion for the arts.