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Audrey Mortman

Additional Information

I have spent 20 years of my life in show business impersonating one of our beloved icons, CHER. My career allowed me to perform shows all over the country, be on every major TV talk show, star in commercials, judge National Look Alike contests, open for Jerry Seinfeld in Vegas, and even appear on Saturday Night Live three times with major stars.

Why do I tell you all this when we are talking about art? Because, my life as a “star” has greatly impacted my art work, and given me a unique point of view others do not possess. Experiencing that life was such a high, but unlike the celebrity, I got to take it all off - the wig, the makeup, the outfits - and be me again.



My paintings reflect all that - from the sparkle and glitter to the raw and bare. I invite you into my life.