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Amy Reshefsky Bio

About Amy

My career as a skilled and sought-after artist began on a whim.   After I moved to a town outside Montreal , with my husband, who was frequently away on business , I found myself alone in a new country, where I had an abundance of free time.   

For reasons I can't explain, I went out and bought a canvas, some acrylic paints and brushes, and brought them back to a room that was empty with a few unpacked boxes.  "I just started painting."   

Since that day,  over 15 summers ago, my brush has touched hundreds if not thousands of canvases, as well glass and reclaimed wood.   

Much of my work can be found in homes of collectors, synagogues - you'll find my work throughout the U.S. and Canada.   

Trying to define myself as one kind of an artist is challenging as trying to define my  style of artwork. My work is diverse and as eclectic as you'll find anywhere.   I am most comfortable being creative in all directions. 

I love the challenge that always surprises me when a work is completed.

Amy Reshefsky Video

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